My vacation

Every year I decide to make some of my all time favourite dreams come true. Last year I quit smoking, challenged myself to run a marathon, participated in an indian holi festival, got inked and learned how to dance the charleston. This year for my vacation I made several other dreams come true:
* went on a roadtrip through 3 different countries with a vw bus
* learned how to surf
* went cliff jumping
* went camping in the wilderness
* went rock climbing
* managed to navigate through Europe only by reading maps
* traveled only with a small backpack
I’m so happy and grateful for this experience and I’m happy that I have learned that I am myself the key to my own happiness. So believe in yourself cause only you can make your dreams come true. XoXo Trish


what i sea in my mind

I feel sad for all the countries that don’t have fika

hahahha….me too :)


Happy Midsummer!

I missed it this year. Hopefully I get a chance to celebrate it next year.